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Physical Mailing Address: 1745 Parkland Way, San Diego, California USA 91977

Phone: (619) 335-7566

Board of Directors

Our volunteer board is passionate about Hispanic culture. Their volunteer services help bring unique Hispanic performances to San Diego. With a wealth of experience in various careers each one of our board members brings an essential component to making Hispanic arts a reality in San Diego.

Producing Artistic Director:
Carlos Mendoza

Benjamin Mendoza

Ralph Johnson

Adriana Karzen

Hilda Delgado

Legal Advisor:
Ray Buendia

Marketing Outreach:
Fanny Miller & Ryan Fahey

Board Members:

Brenda Julia

Alicia Mendoza

Andy Gonzales

Ivan Quiceno

Jeanette Quiceno

Carlos Murillas

Tom Colarusso

Sue Boland

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