San Diego Theatre

Right here in your own backyard. Hispanic Arts Theatre seeks to enrich the local community by showcasing professional local events and shows.

Affordable Tickets

Ticket prices are set so that all San Diegans and families can join our one-of-a-kind experiences. As a non-profit our goal is to ensure pricing is kept affordable.

Diverse Performances

Our performances cross all areas of art. From musicals and plays to folklore dancing and unique paintings — we offer diverse performances just like our diverse talent.


Are you looking for plays with a cultural twist? Perhaps looking for an evening of song and dance to take you away to another land? View our upcoming events to see what journeys you can join us on.

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Our performances will let your imagination soar. You will never leave one of our shows without music in your mind and memories in your heart. Learn more about the Hispanic Arts mission.

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Latin culture is infused with lots of passion. From fiery dancers and chilling vocals you will feel passion exuding from the stafe. Our show, “Latin Nights,” is an experience not to miss. See when the next performance is.

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Hispanic Theatre for All Audiences

San Diego theatre offers some of the best theatre around. At Hispanic Arts Theatre we bring Hispanic theatre that caters to all San Diegans, not just the Hispanic community.

Come and experience Hispanic Arts Theatre